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Cognitive therapy for Psychosis & Trauma

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence* (NICE) recommend that people experiencing psychosis or psychological trauma are offered cognitive therapy (also known as cognitive behaviour therapy, or CBT).

Northern Cognitive Therapy provide effective therapy to help individuals to make sense of their problems, exploring how they started and how they are maintained, and importantly, how to address them. We work with clients to identify strengths, develop individual goals & focus on psychological interventions to achieve enable recovery to take place.

Family therapy

Research has established that the family can play an important part in helping individuals with some problems, such as psychosis, to recover. In particular, the way that friends and relatives understand and react to the individual’s experiences is crucial. Family therapy is effective in reducing levels of stress within the family and has been demonstrated to improve the quality of life for individual and their families.

Support programmes for relatives and carers for people experiencing trauma or psychosis

We currently offer a Carer Support Programme to provide family/friends/support workers of people experiencing psychosis with support, information and advice. The Carer Support programme covers a range of topics to develop a greater understanding of psychosis, to learn useful strategies to aid recovery, and to address practical issues such as benefits and welfare rights. An important advantage of the Carer Support Programme is the opportunity for participants to meet other carers in a supportive environment and share experiences with others.

The Carer Support programme is a 10 week programme, consisting of 10 x ½ days, although bespoke programmes can be delivered. Please contact Northern Cognitive Therapy for further details.

Medication management

Northern Cognitive Therapy recognises that traumatic events are a significant factor in the development of psychosis and psychological trauma, and advocate a psychological approach to addressing such problems. However, Northern Cognitive Therapy acknowledge that some distress may be alleviated in some circumstances by short term use of some types of medication. For this reason, Northern Cognitive Therapy employ a Non-Medical Prescriber (NMP) who is able to prescribe appropriate medication. Northern Cognitive Therapy also provide medication reduction programmes for individuals who want to come off their medication if appropriate.
Consultancy services, including comprehensive assessment and reports

Northern Cognitive Therapy can provide specialist advice, comprehensive assessments and clinical reports.

Training for professionals working with people who experience psychosis or PTSD

Northern Cognitive Therapy provide a range of training courses, including:

o Introduction to psychosis (2 hour workshop for up to 20 people)

o Introduction to PTSD (2 hour workshop for up to 20 people)

o Cognitive therapy for psychosis course (2 full day course for up to 20 people)

o Cognitive therapy for PTSD (2 full day course for up to 20 people)

o Psychosocial interventions for psychosis (10 week programme, consisting of 10 x ½ days, for up to 20 people)

Bespoke programmes can be delivered. Please contact Northern Cognitive Therapy for further details.

Clinical supervision for mental health professionals

Northern Cognitive Therapy offers clinical supervision for mental health professionals practising cognitive therapy. Clinical supervision provides a robust framework for professionals to receive support and to develop knowledge and skills required for the provision of high quality cognitive therapy.

Tel: 07773595678 - Email: enquiries@northerncbt.com

How to access Northern Cognitive Therapy services
Self referral or private referral

If you would like to access any of the services offered by Northern Cognitive Therapy, please contact us.

If you would like to arrange a course of cognitive therapy for yourself or someone you know, but you are unable to pay the fees, please contact Northern Cognitive Therapy, as we may be able to advise you how to access funding from statutory services to pay for treatment.

Referrals from professionals

If you are a professional wanting to refer a client to Northern Cognitive Therapy, please write to us at:

Northern Cognitive Therapy
Cherry Tree Farm
North Yorkshire

Please include the following information in the referral letter:

o Name; address; date of birth; telephone number;
o NHS number
o Presenting problems
o Name and address of GP
o Current medication
o Other professionals involved
o Risk assessment, including suicide, harm to self, harm to others
o Intended treatment outcomes
o Invoice details